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What We Do...

You are buying or selling your home. You may be unfamiliar with the process.  We have practiced real estate law on Long Island and in Queens county for over 25 years. We have represented clients in thousands of residential transactions and have represented local lenders in thousands more. If you have a question or a problem we have an answer or a solution. In order to thoroughly represent and advise each Client, in every case we:


  • Assist you in securing pre-contract information - We'll get the information from you, from the broker and from the attorney for the other party. If something doesn't line up we identify it immediately so you don't begin making plans and spending money when there really isn't an agreement.

    If you are buying or selling there are things you need to known now. What are the taxes?, how much will it cost to legalize a structure?, what are my responsibilities?, what are theirs?. We go through it all with you so whatever you need to know in order to proceed, you'll know. All your questions will be answered.


  • Obtain or write the Contract - Once there is agreement things should move forward quickly. If you're selling we'll get a contract out for review within a day or two. If you are purchasing we'll follow up until we get your contract and then we'll schedule an appointment to meet with you to review it. 


  • Review the Contract - The contract has to satisfy you factually and us legally. We'll review the contract with you and, when we are both satisfied, we'll negotiate with the other attorney to get whatever you reasonably need.


  • Identify and resolve all issues that stand in the way of a closing - Several things can stand in your way:  

    • Estate Tax clearances

    • Mechanics or Judgment Liens

    • Building Department violations

    • Breaks in the chain of title

    • Possession/border conflicts

    • The absence of a survey or the failure to review it sufficiently in advance of the closing 


  • Order and review the title report promptly - Too often the title search is ordered late in the transaction and problems which can easily be solved if identified early may serve to delay your closing causing problems for buys and seller.


  • Communicate with your bank - If you are selling we'll get up to date pay off letters before the closing so all liens can be satisfied and you can close. If you're buying we will get all closing costs from your lender as early as possible and advise you of what funds you need to bring to your closing.


  • Attend your closing - We review and explain each document you are asked to sign, calculate all apportionments (tax adjustments, fuel credits, possession charges) and discuss 


  • Prepare a Closing Statement - So much happens at your closing it's sometimes confusing. We'll prepare a Closing Statement and send it to you with all needed documents.  

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