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A pre-closing, or upon delivery of possession, inspection is an extremely important part of the process. Defects which are not noted promptly and reported to counsel may become a problem that the purchaser has to fix which, if timely and properly brought to the attention of the attorney would have been repaired by the seller.

As a seller, you should walk through the house a week or so before the buyer comes to do the pre-closing inspection. Make sure all of the representation in the Contract of Sale have been met and that nothing has happened since the Contract was signed which will delay the closing or cause a problem when everyone gets to the closing table.

As a buyer, the inspection is the only way to guarantee that you get what you are paying for. While it's nice to learn all about the neighbors and the neighborhood, anything you miss during the inspection may well result in additional, avoidable costs for you.  Check to make sure the property is in the condition it was in when you saw it, that all the systems, appliances, etc. are in the condition that was promised in your Contract and that all required repairs have been made.

A walk through inspection prior to closing is important - Both buyers and sellers should use this checklist to make sure everything is in the required condition before the closing or the delivery of possession

  1. Determine if repairs, required by your contract, have been completed  and if basic systems (plumbing, heating and electrical) are in working order (and, frequently roof free from leaks). Get warranties if possible and applicable
  2. Look for any signs of roof leaks or water penetration. Weather damages may occur between the time of the inspection and the time of closing.
  3. Check all appliances to determine if they are in working order. Look for signs of leaks. Check the garbage disposal, run dishwasher through a normal cycle. Check ice maker or ice and water dispensers, if applicable.
  4. Run water in drains, check for hot water, flush toilets and check for leaks. Check under vanities, as well.
  5. Check the heating/air conditioning equipment. Listen for abnormal sounds from the outside and inside units if applicable. Run system on the heat and cool cycles. Check air flow and temperature in all rooms. Never run an air conditioning unit that has had no electrical power for at least 24 hours or if the outside temperature is below 60o.
  6. Check electrical light switches and outlets (bring a hair blower to plug into outlets). Trip G.F.C.I. test buttons.
  7. Observe the areas or items that were inaccessible during the professional inspection- (obscured by furniture or stored items)- or not tested because they were shut down.
  8. Check Intercoms, burglar alarms, doorbells, lawn sprinkler timers, water heaters, etc.
  9. Look for damage caused by inclement weather; tree limbs, hail, etc., or from a disgruntled owner or tenant
  10. Look for signs of settlement or structural problems in walls, driveways, garage floors or patios.
  11. Check water level in pools and listen for any unusual noises from motor equipment.
  12. Check windows, doors, screens and screened enclosures.

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Print this and take it with you at the walk through!

A pre-closing walk through inspection is very important for buyers even though you have had a professional inspection before you went to contract. Things can change between the time you sign the contract and the time of possession. Don't let fear of offending your seller deprive you of a thorough inspection.