One question we are always asked is do I use a real estate broker or do I try to sell the house by myself. While the simple answer might appear to be 'If I sell myself I don't have to pay a commission' the simple answer is not always the best answer. After over 20 years of real estate practice it has become clear that the benefits of have a broker working for you almost always justify the cost.


Reasons to use a real estate professional when selling.

Agents earn their commission by doing far more than just listing and selling your home

When you consider all the things an agent does for you from the time you list your home with them until the time the sale closes, the commission is usually money well spent. And in many cases, an agent can actually help you get more for your home and to sell your home quicker. If you are selling and then buying this alone can be invaluable.

Agents know how to sell a home.

Selling a home takes skill, experience and a good understanding of both the market, the neighborhood and buyers. Agents know how to market a home a and to distinguish your home from others for sale in your area. Having an economically motivate professional on your side can prove to be very beneficial.

Agents have a feel for the market.

By selecting an agent familiar with your neighborhood, you'll be getting years of expertise in the home values in your area and the competition you face from other homes on the market.

Agents know what makes houses sell.

Your agent can give you great independent advice on how to inexpensively spruce up your home and prepare it for selling.

Agents bring you qualified buyer, not time wasters.

Buyers need to be screened. Agents can recognize real interest and determine whether someone can really afford your home and meet your contingencies.

Agents are ideal intermediaries between you and the buyer.

House deals often involve some degree of negotiations. And because there's a lot of money and emotions involved, sometimes these negotiations become strained. Having someone represent you puts you in a stronger position. Especially when that person is an agent who handles these kinds of negotiations every day.

Agents will put your house into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

This service is the number one reference agents use to help buyers look for homes. Having your home in the MLS puts every agent in the area on alert that your home is for sale.

Agents know how to hold an open house that sells.

There's a lot you can do to make an open house successful. Most agents spend nearly every weekend holding them. Their knowledge and expert handling of the open house is invaluable.

Agents represent you throughout the sale.

Once a purchase agreement has been signed, the sale has only begun. An agent will make sure your interests are reflected in the agreement and then help you make sure every obligation you have in the sale is carried out on time. If a hitch to the sale comes up, your agent will help you fix it.


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